World Cup 2018

Coming soon

Farringdon, Old Street

It’s The World Cup, and at Bounce there is no better place in London to watch.

With our huge 12 foot screens and a massive space dedicated for the games, the atmosphere must be experienced to be believed. With a full singing section (including trumpeter and drummer) for the main games and a special focus on providing certain countries a ‘home away from home’. place to watch the football, the WORLD CUP at bounce is about 30 times better than Christmas. 

Traditionally, spots have filled up fast, so make sure you pick the games you want to see as soon as possible, free guest list provided for all England games at both the Old Street and Farringdon venue and a free guest list for all French, German, Australian, Spanish and Polish games at Bounce Farringdon. 

A massive area to watch the game with an atmosphere that can’t be matched. 

  • Huge 12 foot screens
  • Pizza and beer for £5
  • F1 Sound system for full atmosphere and commentary
  • Half time shows and quizzes
  • Ability to book semi private and full private area
  • Watch the big games with other people from your country, a ‘Home away from Home'
  • Don’t be stuck in a pub corner with two or three other people, celebrate the world cup surrounded by hundreds of other fan
  • Have specialised pizzas from home country (private room bookings)
  • Full sound and cheer squad
  • Trumpeters and Drummers and singing section for each major game
  • World Cup Disco each saturday
  • DJ’s before, half time and full time for each big game