Proof that you need not go anywhere else in London, it’s all here!

All Inclusive Summer Package

Sun – Wed only, 4th June – 30th August

Farringdon, Old Street

Package deals don’t have to be all sunburn and sand in places you didn’t know existed. In fact, at Bounce, our all inclusive summer package is everything you could ever dream of… and more.

Christmas Parties

Taking bookings now

Farringdon, Old Street

We have transformed our vibrant main space, exclusive areas and luxurious private rooms into a UV festive playground filled with exquisite canapés, feel good party tunes and a wide selection of craft beers, wines and cocktails.

Friday Lunch Package

Every Friday, 12-4pm


Each and every Friday, Bounce, Farringdon will sort your lunch right out with any pizza, a glass of Prosecco or a pint of Amstel or Heineken as well as a game or three of Ping Pong for just £15 per person.

The Smash

Every Friday, from 6pm


Work? Done. Responsibilities can wait until Saturday morning. But right now, you're in a world of Ping Pong, furtive glances, drinks with your friends and dancing to the world’s greatest tunes.

Hits from the Pong

Every Saturday, from 7pm


Let us introduce you to a world where partying around a Ping Pong table and hands in the air (dancing, not trying to attract a waiters attention) is the standard.

Table Tennis Fight Club

Every Monday, 6pm-10pm


For those of you who are maybe a little more competitive, it’s time to get your game on for this weekly open social. Join the gang from Table Tennis Fight Club for a night of competition and tomfoolery.

Hospitality Mates Rates

Farringdon, Old Street

You’ve been working hard, so rightfully you deserve a treat… just ask for our Hospitality Mates Rates and let the good times roll.