Proof that you need not go anywhere else in London, it’s all here!

Frantic Fridays

Every Friday, Between 6pm - 7pm


If drinks at half price are called ‘Happy Hour’, then what on earth can we call a mad 20 minutes of drinking with up to 90% off? We’re going to settle on Frantic Fridays. 20 minutes of ridiculous drinks prices, each and every Friday.

80’s House Party

Sunday 27th May, 8pm - late


Join us this Bank Holiday Sunday as we slap on our bracelets, put on our Walkmans, and head down to funky town for the first 80’s House Party with Time Out at Bounce, Farringdon.

World Cup 2018

14th June – 15th July

Farringdon, Old Street

The real reason Italy, USA and the Netherlands didn’t qualify? So they could come and watch it at BOUNCE.

Bottomless Brunch

Every Sunday – 1-3pm

Old Street

There’s nothing quite like singing ‘LETS GET FIZZICAL’ while drinking bottomless Prosecco as you dance around a Ping Pong table. The best part is knowing it’s during the day and no one will even bat an eyelid.

A Right Proper Disco

Saturday 9th June


Dancing and Ping Pong and dancing and Ping Pong and disco and disco and drinking and dancing. Repeat until home time. Ok? If this sounds like the kind of night out you and your friends are craving, then bloody hell... just do it!

Independent Ladies Night

Saturday 26th May


All the single, and not so single ladies, put your hands up - this is going to be BIG. Beyonce, Gloria, Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Gwen, Missy, Shania, Cindy, Britney, Tina, the list goes on and on. All we need you to do is come, dance your heart out, sing your heart out and then collect all those spilt hearts and do it all over again.

Hexogasm World Championships

Returning September


We're looking to crown our first HEXOGASM WORLD CHAMPION, with a £500 Ping Pong party Grand Prize.

Friday Lunch Package

Every Friday, 12-4pm

Farringdon, Old Street

Each and every Friday, Bounce will sort your lunch right out with any pizza, a glass of Prosecco or a pint of Amstel or Heineken as well as a game or three of Ping Pong for just £15 per person.


Farringdon, Old Street

Wonderball is a completely new immersive activity. Using state of the art projection mapping, each Wonderball table becomes a giant computer game, introducing a whole new way for groups to play - with very little skill needed.

All Tea No Shade Sundays

1st and 3rd Sunday every month, from 4pm


Welcome to All Tea No Shade Sundays, an inclusive meet-up where LGBTQ folks can get to know each other over Ping Pong.

Hospitality Mates Rates

Farringdon, Old Street

Just ask for our Hospitality Mates Rates and let the good times roll.

Table Tennis Fight Club

Every Monday, 6.30pm-10pm


For those of you who are maybe a little more competitive, it’s time to get your game on for this weekly open social. Join the gang from Table Tennis Fight Club for a night of competition and tomfoolery.

The Smash

Every Friday, from 6pm


Work? Done. Responsibilities can wait until Saturday morning. But right now, you’re in a world of Ping Pong, furtive glances, drinks with your friends and dancing to the world’s greatest tunes.

Smashers & Slicers

Every Monday 6:30pm-10pm

Old Street

Each week, over 80 dedicated Ping Pong lovers gather for very loose, prize based ‘drop-in, drop-out’ games, tournaments and unique social Ping Pong games played nowhere else on Earth!

51% Retro

Every Friday, from 6pm

Old Street

Every Friday, Bounce, Old Street gets a slightly more than half burst of nostalgia and starts cranking out the disco and boogie, golden era hip hop, classic old school house and 49% newer stuff.

That's My Jam

Every Saturday, from 7pm

Old Street

It’s Saturday and you’re ready to get the best people in your life together for a night of… fun? YES, FUN. Stick Ping Pong, ridiculously good DJs and cocktails together in one huge space and you and your friends can’t help but have a good time. It’s almost the law.

90's House Party

Saturday 2nd June


The 90’s! The last decade of the 20th century and people knew how to party, like seriously, party.