90's House Party

Saturday 2nd June


The 90’s! The last decade of the 20th century and people knew how to party, like seriously, party. It was the decade that gave us the Oasis and Blur, the decade that gave us the Golden Era of Hip Hop and R&B, delivered Grunge to us, gave us the Fresh Prince, Britney, and Christina. Mariah Carey was at her peak, Whitney Houston was smashing records with The Bodyguard, MC Hammer was shuffling everywhere in Hammer pants, and people actually liked Tony Blair…

In short, it was a decade of pure fun, excitement, colour and maybe the best fashion looks of all time…

If you were there or even if you weren't, now is your chance to do it all again at Bounce Farringdon. Dancefloor starts at 9pm!

If you have a Ping Pong booking or even if you don’t, the party will be going late night, so make sure you grab only your MOST fun friends.