What Constitutes the Best Pizza in London?


What do you think constitutes the best pizza in London? I know that absolutely everyone has their own loves and hates when it comes to pizzas, and I’m certainly no different.

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Conference Venues in London


Every year, Bounce plays host to some of the coolest, biggest, and best companies in the UK proving that of all the conference venues London has to offer, Bounce leads the pack.

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Best Party Venues London Has


If you’re looking for a banging party with the easiest booking possible, then no other party venues London stands up to Bounce. Give it a go – you won’t regret it.

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Brunch Old Street Classic


Now, everyone knows that Bounce is a bottomless brunch Old Street CLASSIC, so we like to think we know a little about what our guests love. And we wanted to use this knowledge to take things up another notch!

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Venue Hire Shoreditch


So you’re looking for venue hire Shoreditch? I guess you’ll be wanting something pretty damn cool then, right? We have plenty of options for you.

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Best Bottomless Brunches in London


We know that brunches these days have to be bottomless or there’s just no point bothering. We take brunch very seriously here, and it has been said (and not JUST by us) that Bounce has one of the best bottomless brunches in London, and who are we to argue?

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Six Nations Live


When finding where to watch Six Nations live, book somewhere where all your drinks are included in the entry fee! “Where the hell am I going to find that?” I hear you ask. Bounce, Old Street is the answer.

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Corporate Event Spaces in London


Sometimes you want something a little different in your corporate event spaces, London. I mean sure, grubby white walled rooms with that itchy, scratchy blue carpet and white strip lighting is fine for some companies, but surely you want something a little more special, as you’re not like the others…

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Team Building in London


Here at Bounce, we think we know just a little something about team building - you could even say we were team building London whizzes! So we’ve come up with a few handy tips on do’s and don’ts for your business’ big day.

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Romantic London: Love is in the air - Virgin Atlantic


Learn about some of the most romantic things to do in London in this article by Virgin Atlantic.

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Away Days in London


When it comes to finding suitable away days, London is an absolute minefield. Of all the away days London has to offer, there is just one which is actually 1) warm and dry, 2) choc-full of real food and drink, and 3) ACTUALLY INCREDIBLY FUN, and that is Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong.

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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas


To help you and your pals make the right choice for your NYE this year, we’ve helpfully listed the top 3 things you should be looking for to make sure you have the time of your life.

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Christmas Party Nights


Christmas party nights should always be based around one thing – pure, unadulterated fun. And what is more fun than Ping Pong balls, flinging through the air, incredible cocktails made by top, top mixologists, and retro party anthems all night long?

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Things to do in London at Christmas


It’s not just Santa Claus who’s coming to town this Christmas… Your sister has just text you and told you she’s coming to stay next weekend, and she wants to be entertained. So you had better get looking for some things to do in London at Christmas!

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New Year’s Eve Party in London


Once Christmas is over, and you’ve put on 7 stone, you’re stuck with your family in the middle of nowhere, dreaming of jumping onto a train to a New Year’s Eve Party London bound.

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Christmas Party Venues London


Twas Christmas in London and all through the town. The people were wondering where to get down. O, where to drink shampers and put that jumper on? How to find the best Christmas party venues London?

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Private Venue Hire London


If you're looking for a private venue hire, London, stop right now. Bounce has got your back. You need big? Bounce has got it. We can accommodate many hundreds of people in the main space at Farringdon with a bar big enough to satiate the livers of a thousand thirsty revellers. There's a kitchen to match and free cloakroom facilities.

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Unusual Christmas Parties


Traditionalists may baulk at the idea of unusual Christmas parties, but why?

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30th Birthday Celebration Ideas


Bounce becomes very useful when thinking of 30th birthday celebration ideas. Almost all 30 year olds will have played video games as kids. What if you could play a kind of ping pong that is also a video game?

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The ping pong table just got a tech upgrade: Review - MashableUK


The ping pong table just got a tech upgrade, turning it into a giant interactive surface.

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Work Christmas Party


Bounce is certainly not shy when it comes to the work Christmas party. We like it all reindeery and bauble filled, us serving you mince pies and mini Christmas Dinner sliders, whilst shamelessly blowing your ears off with jingle-filled ditties. Misbehave!

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Like ping pong? It's had a futuristic makeover - Review: BT.com


Arcade games on an interactive ping pong table? Yes please.

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Bounce enters digital age with laser-guided Wonderball - Review: Evening Standard


Bounce, with venues in Farringdon and Old Street, has unveiled Wonderball, which uses projection and laser-mapping technology to track a special ball — lighting up its trajectory and the spot where it bounces on “techno tables”.

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Fun Team Building Activities


If the purpose of your fun team building activity is to allow the team to gel under fun social conditions, then come to Bounce. Bounce is the number one provider of fun team building activities because we combine all the most fun elements. Table tennis, cocktails and pizza, all at the same time, delivered to the side of your table, should you wish.

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Birthday Celebration Ideas


Birthday celebration ideas don’t have to be overly elaborate; your friends don’t want to feel pressured into enjoying themselves, do they? No, they want to love you and eat pizza at the same time as whacking a little ball at the one of you.

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Quirky London Restaurants


Bounce is the top of quirky London restaurants, it just seems strange to have a high quality restaurant in a Ping Pong club, but it works. Eat, watch, play, is the recommendation at Bounce, best of the quirky London restaurants.

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Corporate Team Building Activities


Teams work better wearing medals. Fact. Teams like to win medals while drinking booze. Fact. The synthesis of both these facts is corporate team building activities at Bounce – The Home of Ping Pong. Whether you want to hire out the whole venue and spend a day improving the cohesion of your teams via games, break-outs and lunch, or just want to fire in for a two hour table tennis tournament, we are able to provide whatever you need.

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Birthday Ideas in London


It's your birthday. The pressure is on. What are you going to do? Can't get into a decent club because you just ain't fancy enough? Want to go somewhere with something to do to avoid talking to your partner's boring friends? I hear you sisters and brothers, I hear you, good birthday ideas in London are tricky.

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Day Delegate Rate


Conferences with balls? Meetings around Ping Pong tables? A creative, unique, funky atmosphere that will guarantee a productive and fun day for the entire team? A delicious lunch that goes above and beyond the standard hotel catering? All of the above? Yes ma’am, we offer the most unique Day Delegate Rate package in town (quote) and arguably the most competitive in the world as we have now mastered the balance between work and fun under the same roof.

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Function Room Hire


So you’re gonna do a do, host a party, or need to functionize? You’re probably looking for somewhere private, but not too isolated, fresh but funky, roomy but cosy with friendly and relaxed staff ready to do what it takes to make your event run perfectly. Clever you, for function room hire with a twist you're looking in the right place.

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Quirky Things To Do in London


Quite simply, experiencing Bounce is one of the finest quirky things to do in London that you can do, and we mean quirky in a good way, not the way people describe themselves on dating apps when they realise they’re getting no matches.

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7 Quirky Spots to Hit In Shoreditch: Review - St Christopher's Inn


Located in the centre of bustling East London, Shoreditch is packed with quirky, unique things to do (and eat). We went down for a whole day to test out what Shoreditch has to offer - and it’s safe to say it’s the ultimate playground for foodies, drinkers and adventure seekers. Shoreditch, you’ve stolen our soul. From ice cream to ping pong and cocktails with a view, here are some of our favourite tried-and-tested spots to visit whilst exploring the area.

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Team Building Events


Whether you like football or rugby, formula 1 or even tennis, you’ll know that victory is impossible without an effective team. But a team is not merely an undifferentiated blob of either success or failure, no, it is a complex machine operated by and constituted of complex individuals.

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Why Bounce Earns Its Title as the Home of Ping Pong - Review: Hire Space


It's no surprise the formula produced by the team at Bounce works wonders. Ping pong, tipples and pizza have proven to be a masterful combination, and they lend themselves tremendously to private events of all kinds, from networking receptions to conferences, and product launches to team-building events.

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Creative Space in London - Bounce


Bounce should be your choice when you need a modular, inspiring creative space. You need a break-out room? Tick. On site catering? Tick. Video projection, sound system, karaoke? Triple tick. Unexpectedness? Heavy tick.

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Summer Party Ideas


Book a quick table tennis tournament or games session at Bounce for the perfect summer party. It takes a couple of hours which is neither too long nor too short when faced with the ever changing London summer.

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Team Building Games


Obviously before any discussion of team building games, it is important to distinguish the difference between a sport and a game. Both sports and games developed from the ancient animal process of messing about.

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Events This Weekend


How’s your diary looking for events this weekend? Pub? Show? Exhibit? Pub again? Gym? Really? If you are like me and get bored of either constant eyeball pleasing or just sitting around drinking to the misery of the world, then you’ll be looking for something active, easy to enjoy and very funny to do.

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Top 10 venues for corporate events in London - Review: Riches Corner


It is vital that you choose the right venue for a corporate event, and with so many available in London it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Venue search London can help you a lot with this, and we have put together a list of the top 10 venues in London – meaning that your venue search has never been easier.

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Filming locations


Filming locations are easy to come by, this is true, but original and unusual? You’ll see from the photos of the space that both Bounce, Old Street and Bounce, Farringdon have tons of character and quirkiness, whilst at the same time remain firmly on this side of good taste.

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Team Building Activities at Bounce


Here at Bounce, we have religiously studied team building activities and know that competitive team play is one of the most thrilling aspects of human existence. Why so? Because it effectively taps into our deep genetic memory of hunting in packs; each nervous hunter striving do their very best in perfect synchronicity, or risk starvation.

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Best Bars in Shoreditch


You want to go out with your friends in east London this weekend but you are bored of the same old places. You want something a bit different and interesting. Something to impress your mates. You want one of the best bars in Shoreditch.

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Cool Things to Do in London


When it comes to cool things to do in London, throwing off your clothes, drinking a pint of gin, stealing a police boat and creaming up and down the Thames shooting a taser in the air is up there. However, this kind of jape is not for everyone and is highly illegal, so it absolutely must not be attempted.

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Best Date Ideas in London


Tinder, Match.com, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk… etc, etc, etc… Dating apps alone make the dating scene in London a little overwhelming. So when it comes to looking for the best date ideas in London the endless options can make you want to chuck in the dating scene and give in to living alone with your 40 cats for the rest of your days.

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Looking For The Best Bars in London?


It’s Friday, its half an hour before you finish work, it’s been a long week and you need a drink. But you don’t want to go to the same old bar you always go to, you want something a bit different, you want something with amazing drinks but also something a bit unique. You want to go to one of the best bars in London. Well, we have exactly what you need right here at Bounce.

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Corporate Parties in London


Usually when your boss promises to take you out for one of your corporate parties in London, you wince slightly as you know, despite many protests, you’ll probably end up in the same old shabby pub. Not to say that these kind of places don’t have their charm, but let’s just say the drinks are less than exciting, their idea of a cocktail is a pint of snakebite.

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Fun Things to Do in London


Legend has it that the nose-bone of Queen Elizabeth I is buried somewhere on Hampstead heath in a tiny golden box. Every August bank holiday, hundreds of nose-hunters trot up to the heath to scrub over the grass and mud in search of the fabled box. Of course they can never find it, for the nose-bone does not exist.

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Exciting London Nightlife


When figuring out what to do on a night out it can feel a little overwhelming choosing from the huge array of exciting London nightlife, but we at Bounce think we have something pretty unique to catch your eye; Ping Pong, booze and delicious food!

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The Most Original of Shoreditch Bars


Some people think that Shoreditch bars are either all beer, bankers and bollocks or inaccessibly cool cocktail joints hiding silicone roundabout ‘teen-techers’. Some or all of this may be true, but there are plenty of other choices if you are looking for a less-than-usual night out, and here’s why social Ping Pong at Bounce should be at the top of your list.

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Finding The Best Restaurants in London


Tackling the task of finding the best restaurants in London for a special occasion or a regular night out is very daunting indeed. Do you go for a fun restaurant or a swanky one? Or do you aim for a certain cuisine? The pitfalls are endless.

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Corporate Event Spaces London


If you think about corporate event spaces in London, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, they think hotels. A lot of hotels don’t have much to offer apart from vast open spaces. They can be cold and dull to look at and merely serve the purpose of housing your large group for 6-8 hours whilst they daydream of being somewhere else.

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Away Days in London


Away days in London can be difficult to plan and often time consuming to research, but we thought we would give you some really helpful hints and tips. The way we like to think of it is like a simple cooking recipe that you can follow time and time again, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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Team Building London Events


Team building London events are growing ever more popular in the modern business world, those in the capital are ever needing of a morale boost, a quick pick me up or just a general reason to have a bit of a knees up.

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What are the Top Bars in London?


So, you’re looking for the top bars in London, and so you should. London is an amazing city, a melting pot of cultures and home to a world of opportunity; but sometimes it seems hard to find the important stuff, yep, the top bars in London.

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If You Are Looking For Shoreditch Restaurants


Shoreditch has changed a lot in recent years, and with the influx of more people living and working there, there’s demand for even more Shoreditch restaurants. Fast forward to 2017 and you have one of the hottest and most up and coming areas in the city.

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Best Burger in London and Where To Find It


Burger joints are popping up everywhere in London, which is fair enough, who doesn’t love a burger? There will always be demand for a big juicy burger and who owns the bragging rights for offering the best burger in London.

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Fun Team Building Event at Bounce


So you’ve been tasked to find a venue for your work’s next Fun Team Building event. With the emphasis on. You know what isn’t fun? Traipsing through hundreds upon hund fun.

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Organising The Best Corporate Nights Out


Organising corporate nights out isn’t easy, Event Planners and PAs are constantly searching for the next biggest thing, the most fun activity or the trendiest new bar.

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Corporate Events Industry Overview


The UK event industry is absolutely massive and with over 10,000 venues across the country and £42 billion spent annually, it’s no wonder the competition for corporate events is at an all-time high. In fact, a staggering 35% of the UK visitor economy is actually accounted for by the events industry alone.

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Some of London's Most Unusual Conference Venues For 2016 - Review: Canvas


It comes as no surprise that London plays host to many conferences each year, and so to really help yours stand out in the minds of your guests, it’s a great idea to opt for a completely unexpected venue.

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Best Date Ideas in London


Dating apps have opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and in a city like London sometimes it can be hard to meet people when making eye contact with strangers is frowned upon. So whether you’re big in the dating game or you simply want to impress your current partner, come and see us, we’ think we’re one of the best date ideas in London.

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Bounce Ping Pong - Review: The Drink Tank


Read this review of the Bounce Ping Pong by The Drink Tank.

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What Is It About London Nightlife?


London Nightlife is world famous. Many people travel from all over the globe to experience it, just as much as they do for shopping and seeing the expected tourist spots. Music and going out is such a a big part of London culture and it’s easy to see why, with so many homegrown talents on our doorstep it’s obvious why it’s engrained in our capital’s identity.

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Night of the Living Dead - Review: Londontown


Word on the street is we're due a zombie apocalypse next month, so Bounce Old Street is inviting you to make the most of your final moments at the Night of the Living Dead party.

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Are We One of The Top Bars in London?


So this week at Bounce HQ, we had an enquiry from one of our clients and they said something that surprised us, so we’re going to make a bit more of a song and dance about what we do. Our client said something along the lines of ‘a friend of ours told us you hold amazing London conferences but I wasn’t sure if that was something you did, even though you’re one of the top bars in London’.

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Key Elements of The Quirky Bars in London


So you’re looking for quirky bars in London, where do you think of? Bounce? You’d be right. There’s a load of quirky bars in London though, we’re not going to deny that.

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Extraordinary Cool Bars in London


London is full of hidden gems which are waiting to be discovered and we’re sure you’ll agree the capital holds some of the most quirky and wonderful little secrets that can sometimes be right under your nose. Our Farringdon and Old Street venues are prime examples.

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Why Bounce is One of the Best Cocktail Bars in London


The twenty-first century has been an era for food and drink. The London social scene has driven a new social media craze, people taking snaps their most photogenic food and drinks, so we decided to highlight why Bounce is a must hit spot and one of the best cocktail bars in London.

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Best Restaurants in East London


So you’re looking for the best restaurants in East London? Whether it’s Old Street, Shoreditch, Dalston, Hoxton, (or you’re not too sure what you’re on about) there’s plenty on offer.

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Looking For Trendy Restaurants in London?


The very definition of trendy is ‘very fashionable or up to date’. So when you’re looking for trendy restaurants in London, Bounce ticks all the boxes.

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Fun Restaurants in London


There a tonnes of restaurants in London. Thousands of them to be precise. Fun restaurants in London though, now they’re something that are hard to find. Luckily for all of our readers we have the perfect one in mind.

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Exciting Things To Do In London


Here’s another list we know you’ve all been waiting for…A list of some exciting things to do in London.

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Ideal Venue For Team Building Events


So it’s coming towards the end of the year. You’ve got Christmas sorted but you’re already thinking about booking some team building events for the New Year. Heck, you might even be thinking of making your Christmas do a team building event. When it comes to choices, London is the place to be.

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Top 10 Things To Do In London


If you’re not from London, and you’re only coming for a short time or you live here and you just want the hard work done for you, look no further. With so much choice and so many guides and books out there it’s not always an easy decision, but we’ve asked around the office and compiled our own list.

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One Of The Best Events Venues in London


So, you’ve searched event venues London and they all claim to be perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re organising a daytime meeting for your boss’s big presentation or a family birthday, the reality is that too much choice can be daunting.

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Bounce [Old Street] - Review: Tasting Britain


Based smack bang in the middle of Old Street Shoreditch lies Bounce, a new kind of social dining experience. Behold the first ever table tennis bar (that we know of) – courtesy of Adam Breeden.

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If You Are Looking For Quirky Venues In London


There are plenty of quirky venues in London, but how many can guarantee the professional service and experience that is desired also? Not many. That’s where our Farringdon and Old Street venues come in.

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What Do Cool London Venues Need To Have


In today’s era of going out, there seems to be new, cool London venues opening all the time. Sure, there’s a lot popping up, but what do cool London venues need to have to make them better than the rest? We’ve broken it down into what we think is most important and wonder if you agree.

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London's Most Unusual Conference Venues 2016 - Review: Canvas


Bounce aims to bring together the very best of the business and social worlds, offering great spaces for the likes of conferences, team building exercises, networking sessions, boardroom meetings and away days, whilst also functioning as a ping pong club!

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Unique Venues In London - Bounce Ping Pong


Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong is easily one of the most unique venues in London. The concept around social Ping Pong has proven for many years to provide a successful team building.

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Top 5: London’s Alternative Bottomless Brunches - Review: London Calling


Bottomless brunches are a true gift to this world. Breakfast food and endless booze, what more is there to want? However, if you feel like avocado toast is so 2015 and eggs Benedict is more yawn than yum, why not try one of these quirky bottomless brunch alternatives we've picked out for you to visit. From bingo and bubbly to ping-pong and prosecco, we've got some fantastic places that will shake up your brunch-time blues.

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London Venues - Bounce Ping Pong


When it comes to booking an event, London venues have the most competitive and diverse market you can think of. From escape rooms to ice bars, there is always something for everyone. If you’re looking for a fully immersive experience however, look no further than Bounce – The Home of Ping Pong.

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Best Venues In London - Bounce Ping Pong


Ahh, the age old tireless argument… what are the best venues in London? When you’re looking for a private event or somewhere to entertain the work lot/clients it can be a hard question to answer. At Bounce, you have it all.

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8 spots for the best boozy brunches in London - Review: BT


Brits love nothing more than indulging in a hearty brunch, but is brunch truly brunch without a little booze? Whether you hope to unwind after an unruly week at work, catch up with friends over a couple of cocktails, or find a miraculous cure for that hangover, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best of the boozy brunches London has to offer.

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Fun Experiences | London - Review: Quintessentially


If you're looking for a night out with a difference then London has plenty of exciting options waiting for you to discover. Chosen by our in-house Nightlife Specialist this selection of fun, interactive experiences are perfect for a special occasion or simply an unforgettable get-together with friends.

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Euro Fever


Like you, we’re getting carried away about England’s hopes for the Euros. Ok, so we stumbled at the first hurdle but all that matters is we are still in the race...

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